BREAKFAST (served from 9 till 11)

Pancakes with jam, ice cream, honey, or maple syrup € 5

Breakfast porridge with butter or jam € 3

Omelette with smoked ham € 6

Vegetable omelette € 5

Tikupoiss homespun breakfast (fried egg, bacon, bratwurst, fried potatoes, fresh salad, sour cream) € 7.5



Crispy beef salad with plum sauce 11€ L/G

Caesar salad with crispy chicken/fried shrimp 11/11.90€

Crunchy shrimp tails in potato breading with chili mayonnaise 11.50€

Potato pancake with salted salmon, pickled cucumber and horseradish cream 12



Võrtsjärve eel soup 9.50€ L/G

Beef goulash soup 8.90€ L/G



Viennese schnitzel with cheesy potatoes, lingonberry jam and lemon 12.90€

Mulgi porridge with Paju farm’s smoked ham 11€

Pan-fried Võrtsjärve pikeperch fillet in white wine sauce with warm potato-bean salad 14.90€ G

Vegetable burger with truffle mayonnaise, tomato, pickled onion, vegetarian cheddar cheese and fries/sweet potato fries 12/12.50€

Beef burger with truffle mayonnaise, tomato, pickled cucumber, cheese sauce and fries/sweet potato 11.50/12€

Crispy chicken thigh burger with chili mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, iceberg lettuce, tomato and fries/sweet potato 11/11.50€

Coconut-chickpea curry with basmati rice, roasted cauliflower, Cipollini onion and seeds 11€ L/G

Crispy chicken thigh with romesco sauce and warm potato-bean salad 13.50€



Cheesy chicken pasta 9€

Crispy chicken fillet strips with fries and mayo/sweet potato fries 8/8.50€



Tikupoisi fries with Crana Padano cheese and truffle mayonnaise 4.50€

Tikupoisi sweet potato fries with Crana Padano cheese and truffle mayonnaise 5€