BREAKFAST (served from 9 till 11)

Pancakes with jam, ice cream, honey, or maple syrup € 5

Breakfast porridge with butter or jam € 3

Omelette with smoked ham € 6

Vegetable omelette € 5

Tikupoiss homespun breakfast (fried egg, bacon, bratwurst, fried potatoes, fresh salad, sour cream) € 7.5



Spicy shrimp tails with marinated radish and crunchy salad €11.50

Caesar salad with chicken/fried shrimp tails €11/11.90

Lapi bread with horseradish cream, duck leg confit and red cabbage €12.50



Eel soup. Caught from lake Võrtsjärv €9,50

Beef goulash soup €8,50



Viennese schnitzel with cheesy potatoes, lingonberry jam and lemon €12.50

Mulgi porridge à la Tikupoiss with smoked ham €10.90

Fish cutlet with tar-tar sauce and potatoes fried in butter. Fish caught from lake Võrtsjärv. €14.90

Beef burger with smoky sauce, liquid cheddar cheese, coleslaw salad, truffle mayonnaise and fries/sweet potato fries €11/11.90

BBQ pork ribs with fries and coleslaw salad €14.50

Butter fried cabbage with chimichurri, Andri-Peedo truffle cheese and crispy onions €12

Chicken supreme with mashed potatoes, roasted beets and miso sauce €13.90



Creamy chicken pasta with cherry tomatoes and Grana Padano cheese €8.90

Crispy strips of chicken fillet with fries and mayonnaise sauce/sweet potato fries €7.50/8