Eat your food on the go!


We strive to offer a mouth-watering and affordable culinary experience to all passers-by, whether they are a famished traveller, a truck driver, a vegetarian, a family with children, or even a person looking for a gourmet meal. If you are in a hurry and do not have time to stay with us longer, then get your fresh meal to go! You can order all the dishes on the menu as take-away, but we have also prepared salads, cakes, and snacks which you can quickly find at the counter of Tikupoiss or gas station.


In addition, our confectioners bake mouth-watering cakes, tarts, and pies made with eggs from our own chickens. You can pre-order the cakes or buy them as take-away from the counter. Call and find out more about what we have on the menu today: 5855 4386

Own produce

You can find our own produce on the menu of Tikupoiss; for example, we have chocolate, water, beer, mulled wine and honey. You can buy coffee and other hot beverages to go in the stylish Tikupoiss travel mug.

Gift card

If you want to surprise your friends or loved ones but are not quite sure what they would like, then a gift card from Tikupoiss might be an excellent idea.